What is Social Media?

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Social media seems to be a household phrase that sprang out of nowhere. We hear that social media is addictive, revolutionary, inevitable, a phase, etc. But let’s strip all the excess away and think about social media in it’s purest form.

Social media are tools that allow average joes, celebrities, corporations, consumers, the young, the old, neighbors, foreigners, and everyone in between to connect and communicate via the Internet. The graphic below clearly displays all the different categories within social media and some examples of specific media.


 (Image retrieved from Cite, the Digital Agency at http://www.cite.co.uk/the-different-types-of-social-media/

Social media, when utilized strategically and efficiently, can be very beneficial for everyone, companies and consumers. Social media is coming full force, so it is my advice, to companies especially, to find the social media platforms that fit you the best and find a way to make those work for you. There are even social media marketing companies whose purpose is to provide customers with a strategic social media plan and connect them as much as possible to their intended audiences via social media.

A great example of this kind of company is Marketing Media Management. Sheryl Connelly, the CEO, has been in the social media field since 1997, so she knows a thing or two about what companies need in regard to social media. Here is a link to their website if you want to learn more:


If you still can’t grasp the reason for social media, check out this video that explains it in “Plain English”:


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Here Goes Everything

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I’m Elizabeth Edrington, a proud Louisville native of 20 years, an undeserving recipient of the grace of God, a frequent concert goer, and a lover of all things chocolate, UofL, and coffee related.

After I graduate, I would love to be promoting and advancing the city of Louisville or anything related to the city. I want to work and advertise for an organization that I believe in and genuinely want to see succeed, whatever that organization may be. As long as I enjoy what I’m doing and am being challenged, I will be a happy girl.

This semester, I want to focus on how I can take the skills and knowledge that I am gaining in my Social Media class and practically apply that to my resume, internships (present and future), and job opportunities. I aim to be fluent in social media for professional usage. I want to switch my mindset from just sitting in classes passively to soaking in as much as I can so I can further improve myself for future jobs.

I would love to continue this blog after this class. I have tried blogging before and I did not make it past the first post. Hopefully, this class assignment can help make blogging a (healthy) habit for me that will roll with me into the rest of my life.

Looking forward to where this blogging adventure takes me!