Out with the old, in with the new

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I can completely relate to and affirm the ideas in The Terrifying Truth about New Technology by Daniel Wilson. Growing up, I was eager to learn. Anything new that came my way was an exciting mountain to tackle. That included computers, phones, iPods, and anything of the sort.

But I think the older we get, the more comfortable we get. We settle into what we have and are pretty hesitant to change that. This article made me feel a little older than I actually am, because I cling to the technologies I grew up with and refuse change. I fought a valiant effort against the smartphone until last May 2013. Even when I bought my iPhone I had mixed emotions about it.

I think this disdain toward new technology might also come from a changed perspective. When we’re young, we can take on the world and it still isn’t enough. As we age, we realize the value in simplicity, that more is not always better.

This perspective is what makes me bitter toward incoming technologies. I see all that I already have and recognize that I really don’t need more. This thinking is what kept me from the smartphone for so long, unphased by new television advancements and operating on a cheap laptop. I just don’t need more.

This reminds me of the law of diffusion of innovation.


I’m going to assume that the innovators, early adopters, and early majority are mostly made of the younger crowd (30 and below) and that the late majority and the laggards are mainly the older crowd (30+).

So, I think the older population does come around to new technology, they are just very skeptical and wary of it at first.

I also think we love to live in the past. We believe the times of our younger years are how it should be for all the years. We were the ones who were raised right! It’s what we know, so it’s what we preach. There is almost a sense of betrayal to our childhood when we claim a better, newer model. But the thing is, there will always be a better, newer model. Change is the only constant. Instead of clinging to the past, flow with the changing winds. You never know where they might take you.


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