The Impact of Blogging

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Blogging has empowered our society with the ability to create, write, dream, think, and share. Personally, it has revealed to me that I enjoy writing. I enjoy translating my thoughts into cohesive sentences that I can see and read again. I enjoy producing something tangible.

With the popularity of social media, content is shared at the blink of an eye. To best capitalize on the social media possibilities, one must not merely consume, but also create. And blogging is the perfect opportunity.

Another part of blog’s appeal is that it is public. Just the thought that someone, somewhere might take the time to read what you wrote makes me feel like a valuable contributor to human life. Sure, I may not be the most qualified person for the job, but I do have a perspective, writing style, and content that is all my own. I’m putting my point-of-view out on the line and people can choose to either take it or leave it.

However, there definitely are dangers to this freedom. Readers must take blogs with a grain of salt. They are great to read for new thoughts and perspectives, but the facts are not always facts. Since everyone does have the power to publish and not many bloggers have a second set of eyes edit before they post, facts are not always checked. Be sure to investigate the source if you’re really wanting to take accurate information away from your read.

I think blogging will be around for a while, but like all other communication technologies, it will have to continue to adapt with the times. In five years, blogging may not be done with the same sites or in the same form, but it will still exist.


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