TV is Here to Stay

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Television has been a staple in our lives since its rise in the 1950’s.

What started off as a couple sporadic broadcasts turned into stations with regular programming, especially after WWII. This led to cable television, to satellite television (packaged with an array of channels), to DVR… There is definitely no shortage of television in our age.

However, there is a shift happening. People no longer wait in front of their television for their favorite show to air. I mean, come on, we have schedules that are packed until 9 p.m. and systems that will record our shows so that we can watch at our convenience.

There is even a shift beyond that. Since no one has to watch their show in real time, why not wait until it is posted on the Internet? Then you can not only watch the show whenever you want, you can also watch it wherever you want. TV is becoming flexible and portable.

Even with the shifts happening, I don’t see TV fading out anytime soon. While television viewing largely replaced radio listening, explained by the Displacement Theory, I cannot foresee anything replacing television in the near future. I see television simply adapting to the demands of the consumers. TV will have to market itself as portable, which it is doing fairly well.

No other communication technology is threatening the popularity of TV right now, and I think that’s the way TV likes it.


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