What is Music to My Ears?

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My love of music does not stem from my musical ability, seeing as my musical ability is practically non-existent.

For me, music is a constant companion. When I’m driving I even prefer music over talking to friends. (Luckily, I get the opportunity to drive alone a few times a week going to work so I don’t have to actually choose between the two.) Listening to music gives me advice, encouragement, energy, solace, entertainment and rest. Music often affects me more than other influences, perhaps because it is always there when I need it.

Whether I’m home, listening to music on my computer or phone via apps like Spotify and Pandora, or in the car, jamming out to CDs or the radio, music is prevalent in my life.

I can’t even remember the last time I went a day with no music. And whenever that day was, I’m sure it was quite dull.

When the radio came out, people were thrilled and for good reasons. The radio filled listeners’ need for companionship. The radio provided entertainment where there was a lack of before. The radio brought information people longed to know. The radio allowed people a reprieve from being a creator of music so that they could be a consumer of music. Or gave people who couldn’t make music the accessibility to it they had never had before.

Sound familiar?

Crazy enough, my uses of the radio/music are pretty much the same as people in the early 1930’s, when the radio was becoming popularized. While I claimed the fall of radio in my last post, I am realizing that the radio is more timeless than I thought.


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