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I believe a (re)introduction is in order.

Now, I am not a total newbie to the blogosphere, so this is more of an introduction to my communication technologies class and a (re)introduction to my blog.

I began blogging as an assignment for my social media class in the fall of 2013. At first, it was simply homework accompanied with the “get it over with” mindset. However, the more blogs I posted, the more blogs I dreamed of writing and the more blogs I enjoyed creating. I discovered a creative part of myself that I didn’t have before, or that was actually just hidden.

Blogging through the past 4 months has brought me opportunities that I didn’t know were available. People from countries such as Singapore, Canada and Germany have viewed my writing. WHAT. I’ve never even stepped foot outside of the U.S., but I feel more cultured just through blog views.

So, for my communication technologies comrades and whoever else who cares to read, I am generally on the backend of emerging technologies. I would say I’m ahead of most of the U.S. population in what technologies I utilize, but behind the majority of college students and those in their 20’s.

Save my iPod Nano, I’ve always been wary of Apple products. It simply cannot be worth the price people pay. I still don’t believe their products live up to the hype, price and popularity. (I also think Apple is trying to take over the world, but we’ll spare that for another time.)

While my friends were immersed in their iPhones and smartphones, I was perfectly content with my 2006 non-data Blackjack. After much deliberation, I finally gave into the iPhone craze in May 2013. Albeit, it was an iPhone 4 (released in 2010), but still, a big step for me. I see no need in being the first to get the latest electronic for a nice chunk of money. I’d much rather sit back, observe everyone’s reactions, and then, maybe indulge in a much cheaper, now “outdated” product of my own. Definitely not a trailblazer in the technology arena.

While price is a big turnoff for buying premiere electronics, I also see little improvement to my life by attaining these new toys. My world goes on just as it should, even without the iPad mini or the 5s. The last time I checked, I can still call from my phone, breathe, interact with people throughout my day, laugh, eat, walk, etc. In fact, I might be able to do all of those things more because I don’t have a new gadget to be glued to. I earnestly try (and succeed for the most part) to be content with whatever I have. Not boring, but content.


Since the invention of CDs, iPods, and ways to listen to both of those in the car, I do not see radio lasting much further. Yes, radio is the most widely owned communication technology, but it is also the oldest communication technology that we have. That means most of the 65+ crowd owns a radio, while the majority of them do not own a laptop, iPod, smartphone, tablet, etc. I see the radio grandfathering out, as newer technologies sweep in.

Why listen to a random assortment of songs that you have no control over when you can create your own playlist and listen to all of your favorites? Why listen to commercials when you can buy the premium Pandora or Spotify account and have commercial-free listening in your car? Apps such as Pandora, Spotify, and ESPN will overtake radio as the younger generation replaces the old. In my opinion, the only thing that would be missed in the absence of radio would be the traffic reports.

Radio has been consistent over the years, but change truly is the only constant.


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