A Semester Well Spent

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My career interests prior to this semester: ……

My career interests as of now: writing, social media, blogging, PR.

The bridge?

These enthusiasms came about largely because of my social media class at UofL.

This class has taught me more applicable lessons than any class I’ve had before; besides reading, writing and ‘rithmetic of course. Without this class, I would not have this blog or the 25 published posts to go along with it. I would not have people reading my writing in Poland, Canada, the Philippines, Brazil, Belgium, and Pakistan. I would not have an active LinkedIn account. I would not consider a social media manager a legitimate job. I would not know the first thing about writing a campaign proposal, let alone how to create one that is 40 pages long for an actual client. I would not be a certified Hootsuite University professional. I would think that Klout was a silly misspelling for clout and that Kred was talking about street cred.

So, the moral of the story is that my professor, Dr. Karen Freberg, is a rockstar.


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