One Step Ahead: Social Media and Crisis Communications

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Social media is both the problem and the solution for crisis communications.

On one hand, the integration of social media opens the door for rumors to spiral out of control. On the other hand, social media allows PR to combat the fire just as quickly as it begins.

Here are some ways to not let social media get the best of you:

  • Stay ahead of the public whenever possible. As soon as you hear of a scandal or a possible rumor, make a statement to refute it before it spreads.
  • Monitor all social media sites and keywords that have to do with your company. This way, you can know whenever someone is talking about your brand.
  • Take problems out of the public eye ASAP. That doesn’t mean delete negative comments, but respond to them with your e-mail or phone number and create a one-on-one conversation. You simply cannot win when you argue on social media.
  • Post credibly to establish trust. Utilizing social media consistently is a fantastic way to gain a good community who will fight for you when something goes awry.

Morale of the story: Be harder, better, faster, stronger. <– Advice brought to you by Daft Punk


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