Event Planning and Social Media

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Event planning has taken on a whole new frontier with the widespread integration of social media.

Instead of passing out flyers, sticking event reminders under windshield wipers, and mailing out invitations, event planners have switched to inviting and enticing their target audience by tweeting, creating Facebook events, and posting Instagram photos.

The social media revolution has forced companies to either keep up with the fast-paced, perpetually-changing social media or get left behind.

For event planners, this has many pros.

  1. Money. While social media is not free- contrary to popular belief- it is a much more efficient way to reach your target audience, especially if you’re focusing on the 50 and under crowd. According to Pew Internet Research, “Internet users under 50 are particularly likely to use a social networking site of any kind, and those 18-29 are the most likely of any demographic cohort to do so (83%).” Social media allows your event to be seen by more of the people you are trying to market, thus making the money you do spend effective.
  2. Creativity. There are limitless ways to utilize social media. An event can be promoted via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Vine, Ptch, and more. And with social media constantly evolving, there are always new ways being introduced to use the same platform.

Joey Wagner, owner of the J Wagner Group, spoke to my Social Media class at the University of Louisville this morning. His company fully services events, marketing and all. One event that practically developed over social media is the Pink Prom. Before even announcing the event, he tweeted intriguing questions such as do you ever wish you could go back to prom? and have you been affected by breast cancer?, hashtagging Pink Prom at the end of the tweets. This created buzz about the event before it even materialized.

Be sure to take advantage of the doors opened through social media. Your event will thank you!


2 thoughts on “Event Planning and Social Media

    Sheryl said:
    November 4, 2013 at 22:54

    Great case study on how social media can help build a buzz before hand and help pull your audience in!

    Elizabeth Edrington responded:
    November 8, 2013 at 20:05

    Thanks Sheryl!

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