Hootsuite University II

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I posted about the Hootsuite University Certification Program a few weeks ago, introducing the concept behind it and why it’s beneficial.

Now, I have almost attained my certification and can share my personal experience with the program.

This has been an amazing tool for me throughout the semester. Right when I think I am up to date with the latest social media technology, five new platforms emerge and I am right back where I started… confused.

The Hootsuite videos have not only introduced me to some social media sites that I have never used before, they have thoroughly taught me how to use them and why they are quality resources for individuals and companies to use.

Their videos are concise, so don’t worry about wasting your time listening to a lot of fluff that doesn’t matter. They keep their info sessions as short as possible, while still giving loads of information.

In today’s ever-evolving world, it is almost necessary to be an avid social media user. Hootsuite University is the best help I’ve seen on becoming social media savvy. I would recommend the Hootsuite University Certification Program to anyone in a heartbeat.

Thankful that my professor, Dr. Karen Freberg, is equipping me well for the digital world by assigning this program!


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