Social Media Amplifies Sports

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Sports on social media is basically sports radio on steroids.

On talk shows, people call in and voice their thoughts about the latest game. Not everyone gets to talk because it is a one-at-a-time deal. The audience is geographically limited, as most radio stations are local.

On social media, (Twitter, in particular) 10,000 people can simultaneously assert their opinions. Everyone gets to vent and feel satisfied in doing so. And the conversation becomes not only between two people, but between a limitless number of people. Anyone can respond, from a Joe Schmo to a high profile ESPN analyst.

Another way sports is utilized well in social media is through live updates. Every major sports school has a twitter account that posts in real time to bring the game to followers that can’t be there and are not by a TV. For example, the University of Louisville has @UofLSportsNews@UofLFootball, @UofLBaseball, and @UofLmenssoccer to keep their fans up-to-date. Furthermore, those that attend the game can get the analysts’ comments via Twitter if they so desire, such as the accounts of @JayBilas, @DickieV, and @ESPNAndyKatz. Universities also use Twitter to post comments from press conferences to their fan base.

Ultimately, Twitter eliminates the fear of missing something at any angle.

ESPN is a game-changer when it comes to sports and social media. (no pun intended) They have their main @ESPN account that tweets clever remarks about sports in general; nothing too in-depth. Branching from that, they have all of their specific ESPN accounts, like @SportsCenter, @ESPNCFB, and @ESPNNFL.

The conversations generated on social media allow everyone to weigh in and become a sports analyst of their own. Overall, the sports world is amplified by social media, bringing all sports to all people, all the time. And what’s not great about that?

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