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I had the pleasure of learning about Taaluma Totes at the Flea Off Market in Louisville, KY last month. My friends and I visited their booth and were greeted by a young couple who gave us the run-down.

Last summer, they took a trip to Africa. They couldn’t help but admire the brilliant, one-of-a-kind fabrics that were being sold all over the place. Two people, fresh out of college, hungry for a career that helps the world around them, decided to design totes (or rather backpacks) out of these fabrics. 40% of the money made from every tote sold is placed in the hands of folks in other countries- currently Ghana, Indonesia, Uganda, and Kenya- in the form of a loan and also in the hands of those who make the backpacks: seamstresses in the USA who work with adults with disabilities. This creates much-needed jobs in the United States, fueling the economy here, and allows various peoples abroad to start a business, grow their own crops, etc. And to add a cherry on top, Taaluma Totes incorporates used burlap coffee bags to add a sustainable, unique part to every bag.

Infectious Indonesia Tote

Giddy Ghana Tote

When we asked them how long their business had been around, they told us their first backpack was sold the month before (August). This organization is brimming with opportunity for growth. Currently, they are just trying to get their name and purpose out. Hence, this blog post.

I am a huge supporter of buying something that may cost a little more than what I would get at Target or Forever 21, but promotes innovative ideas, benefits real people who need it, and bears a greater purpose. Taaluma Totes enable you to carry a country, just as their motto claims.

I know one item that’s going on my Christmas list.

74 days by the way. YAY!

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